Sanitary Manifold Systems

The Disman Sanitary plumbing manifolds are design to run individual feeds to each appliance in a given situation , whether it’s within a bathroom, kitchen or utility room setting. This enables the installer to run a continuous length of pipe, without fittings, to each requirement, thus removing the concern of fittings within floors ceiling or wall and reducing the likelihood of leaks.

Whilst removing the concern of possible call backs through leaks, the manifold plumbing method also allows the user/engineer to isolate individual outlet at the manifold for the purposes of maintenance or repair, ensuring that if one outlet requires attention for any reason, the rest of the property is still functioning as normal.  In this regard, the Disman plumbing manifolds act in the same way as a radiator manifold or even an underfloor heating manifold.

Why use Disman manifold plumbing?

  • Individual isolation valve at the manifold 
  • No joints between the manifold and the appliance 
  • Time saved on installation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • The use of different pipe sizes depending on the outlet requirement
Disman Bathroom Manifold 3D