Radiator Manifold Systems

The Disman lock shield (LS) radiator manifolds provide the ideal solution for complete comfort and reliability. While traditionally radiator are controlled by TRV’s, it is generally recognised that a digital or programmable thermostat is a more accurate measure of control within any room. The use of thermostats also enable greater flexibility and adaptability for everyday living. 

Much like an underfloor heating system, each room can be controlled by the thermostat. When heating is required, the thermostat can instruct or call for heat and the actuator head on the manifold will open the valve. This flexibility enables the user to control room temperatures at different times of day, leading to a far more efficient use of energy.

Again, much like an underfloor heating system, when using thermostats in each room, the use of hard-wired, RF or internet enabled controls give greater flexibility for the installer and the end user.

From a mechanical perspective, the fact that there would be no fittings in the walls or ceiling (every radiator has its own flow and return), affords the installer and end user a greater peace of mind once the system is up and running. Also, should there be any issue with connections at the radiator, each loop can be isolated individually at the manifold for repairs to be carried out. This cuts down on time spent on repairs as well as ensuring the rest of the property remains heated throughout.

Why use the Disman radiator manifold systems?

  • Greater control of individual rooms leading to higher levels of comfort and efficiency
  • Efficiency leading to reduced running costs
  • Reduction of fittings in walls and ceiling leading to less likelihood of leaks
  • Ease of installation – fewer connections
  • Isolation of individual radiators for repair or maintenance
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3D Disman Rad Manifold

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