Pump Mixer Sets

Features and Benefits

The Disman manifold mounted pump and blending valve is designed to work at lower temperatures than a radiator system. Operating temperatures can be set between 35oC and 65oC depending on the floor construction and system design. 

The blending valve controls the system temperature, mixing heat source supplied hot water with the return temperature water to ensure set temperature supply to the underfloor heating pipework. Supply temperature can be adjusted in line with the design parameters. 

Suitable for a heat load of up to 15kw and supplied with a temperature gauge, this lightweight, manifold mounted underfloor heating thermostatic mixing set comes with a Wilo 6m head pump design for direct connection to the manifold. Whilst supplied for connection to the manifold from the left-hand side, with some simple on-site adjustments, the unit can be adjusted to be mounted on the right-hand side. 

Installation is quick and easy with no requirement for additional fixing brackets removing the need for time consuming drilling and fixing.

Adjusting the Mixing Control 

The Disman thermostatic blending valve is supplied set to a mixing temperature of 45oC. This can be adjusted to between 35oC & 65oC. Adjustment of flow temperature can be made by rotating the know to required setting. Clockwise to increase the temperature, anti-clockwise to reduce.


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