Multi-Layer Composite Pipe Systems

Disman MLC Pipe 3D
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Fully Wras approved*, the Disman Multilayer pipe (MLCP) system is comprised of 5 layers including polyethylene and aluminium, meaning the pipe is 100% oxygen diffusion proof. For use in general plumbing and heating systems, the 12 & 16mm pipes are particularly popular in underfloor heating systems.

Available in sizes 16mm, 20mm, 25mm & 32mm, when used with the Disman Brass Press Fittings, our offering covers most domestic requirements.

Alternatively, should you wish to use a manifold plumbing or heating system, the pipe’s flexibility and lack of positioning memory allows for an easy de-coiling and installation process.

With expansion rates very close to copper and the ability to run longer lengths off the coil, the Disman MLCP system offers the best of the more traditional copper and plastics pipework systems available


Key features:

  • Temperatures Range: 40°C - 95°C.

  • Max working pressure: 10bar

  • Five-layers

  • Full range of brass press-fit fittings

  • The benefits of both Copper and PB plastic pipework

  • 100% Oxygen proof

  • Flexible yet form-stable

  • Safe and fast installation

  • Fully WRAS certified. 

  • 50 Year Guarantee