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pipe connectors
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Nickel Plated Brass Nut and Insert Manifold Pipe Connectors

End Unit

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Nickel Plated Brass 1" Fill and Test Unit

Ball Valves

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Nickel Plated Brass 1" Ball Valves

Thermo-Electric Actuator

The Disman actuator head is suitable for use on all standard manifolds, thermostatic valve bodies and three-way valves. Under control of room thermostats or other electrical switching device, the Disman actuator controls system shut-off.

Technical features

  • Normally Closed (NC) Position
  • Operating voltage heats and expands the operating system to open the actuator and attached valve.
  • After passing the dead time a uniform opening procedure will follow.
  • When the switch voltage supply is cut-off the actuator will close after passing as the expansion system cools.

NOTE: Please be aware that the time taken to close the actuator during testing and use will vary depending on the ambient temperature.

actuator diagram