Choosing the correct pipe system

With the increased use of bathroom pods across the UK residential and commercial construction industry, certain lessons have been key to the products development and success.

As with any bathroom the efficient and reliable supply of water is a key component. What goes on beyond the beauty and effectiveness of the bathroom is central. However, what kind of pipework or manifold systems are the best pod manufacturers using?

Initially the use of copper was deemed unsuitable due the it’s rigidity. The fact that the bathroom pods are transported and installed as one piece meant that the inflexibility of ridged pipe-work is problematic. Although for other reason the use of plastic push-fit systems has now also been discounted by many.

MLC Press-Fit

What was really needed was the combination of the benefits of both ridged pipe-work and the flexibility of plastic plumbing systems. MLC Pipe and press fittings are now recognised as a key element in the reliable production of bathroom and other pod solutions.

Whilst multilayer pipe (MLCP) has elements of both copper and standard plastic pipe with its aluminium layer, the press-fittings offer additional strength when the use fittings is required. The fact that many of the MLCP manufacturers offer additional insurance backed collateral damage warrantees (CDW) also adds that extra layer of assurance to both the pod manufacturer and the client is also a key benefit of its use.

Manifolds – Point to Point Plumbing

Further to the use of appropriate pipe and fittings systems, increasingly pod manufacturers are now adopting the use of sanitary (Wars) manifolds within their offerings. Effectively producing a small scale point to point plumbing system, this reduces the amount of fittings within any system and therefore reduces the risk of potentially weaker points within the system. Whilst the press fittings being used are part of the CDW for the system, everyone recognises that limiting their use within a moveable product is best practice.The use of manifolds also helps in the maintenacen and repair of the system moving forward. Should any one of the outlets be compromised, each outlet can be isolated individually allowing the repair or replacement whilst the rest of the bathroom remanins functional. Ideal for student accommodation or hotel installations.

Key Components

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