Manifold Plumbing

Long used on the continent, manifold plumbing has become a key component of the new build and refurbishment plumbing and heating market in the UK.

The desire to improve installation times and reduce the quantity of fittings hidden in the walls, floors and ceilings has pushed the market to take advantage of manifold plumbing. Added to this, increased acceptance of the benefits of plastic pipe solutions has led to this becoming a trusted solution by many installers and clients.

Having a single length of pipe running from the manifold to radiators, taps, toilets or appliance outlets removed the risk of fittings failure and affords the user greater control over their water systems. The ability to isolate each run of pipe to single outlets enable the user to reduce energy use on radiator manifold (Using Thermostats and manifold mounted actuators), or isolate for maintenance or repair to a single outlet whilst the rest of the system can remains in full use throughout.

Often referred to as “Point to Point” plumbing Disman understands that manifold systems may not be suitable for every installation. However, for those with the scope and vision to pre-plan for this type of installation, the benefits can be significant.