Disman Developments

As a small part of the on-going effort to offer the very best quality products within our range, Disman has teamed up with globally renowned manufacturers of valves and water controls, EBSE, and Grundfos pumps.


Available now is the new TOPMMT3 manifold pump and blending kit for underfloor heating.

Diman_RN_TMV UFH_Grundfos_TopT3


Single room underfloor heating pump and temperature control kit.

Disman_Single Area_UFH_TopT3


Finally, a pump system to aid in the installation of underfloor heating systems using a heat pump as energy source, the manifold mounted supply temperature kit. Relying on a controlled water temperature supply, this component removes the unnecessary blending valve and its associated costs.

B-Hive_Underfloor_Diman_TopT3_Heat Pump

For more information and pricing on these components, please contact our sales team or email us at info@disman.co.uk