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Modular Bathroom Pod Manufacturing

Choosing the correct pipe system With the increased use of bathroom pods across the UK residential and commercial construction industry, certain lessons have been key to the products development and success. As with any bathroom the efficient and reliable supply of water is a key component. What goes on beyond the beauty and effectiveness of the bathroom is central. However, what kind of pipework or manifold systems are the best pod manufacturers using? Initially the use of copper was deemed unsuitable due the it’s rigidity. The fact that the bathroom pods are transported and installed as one piece meant that
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Disman introduce their all new push-fit manifold

Disman introduce their all new push-fit manifold Disman are pleased to introduce our first push-fit underfloor heating manifold. Stainless steel and available in sizes 2-10 port and supplied with complete fill, flush, drain & vent end pieces, and 16mm pex/mlcp de-mountable push-fit connections as standard (15mm Available on request) suitable for all makes PE-X and Multilayer UFH Pipe. 16 x2 UNI EN ISO 21003. Also options for 15mm (adaptors can be sold separately and installed on the manifold) Patented Design Stainless Steel manifold NO eurocones required, reducing cost and installation time 2 ways to 10 ways manifolds Complete with fill
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