Disman is a systems and components supplier focusing on plumbing and heating with the use of manifolds. Underfloor heating, radiators or domestic hot & cold water manifold systems have become ever more popular in recent years, used in everything from hotels to small domestic applications. Our systems have all the necessary certifications and guarantees and come with the full support of our experienced team. Honesty in Service is our guiding principle, a principle our entire company is held to account upon.


Design & Supply of complete underfloor heating systems. Solutions for every floor constructions and designed to suit your project specifically.



Reduce fittings in the walls or ceilings, illuminating the chance of leaks. Complete System confidence and controls.

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Individual outlet control for hot & cold water systems, reducing the number of fittings hidden within walls or ceiling, eliminating the chance of leaks.


Whilst Disman is happy to discuss systems and products with the trade and public, our standard route to market is through plumbers & builders merchants. Should you wish to purchase Disman products, please let us know which merchant you would like to use. Our team will then make contact to ensure that you have everything you need at the best possible price and within the timescale you require.

Our focus is always on the end user, so please let us know what you need from us and we’ll do everything within our power to ensure that is exactly what you get.